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Hakob Karapents (1925-1994)

Includes the private library of prolific diaspora Armenian writer Hakob Karapents. In a special setting, the writer’s private study was moved from his home in Watertown, Massachusetts to the Foundation in 1996. In addition to the Karapents library are the writer’s desk, memorabilia, and some personal effects. Hakob Karapents (ne Hakob Karapetian) was born in Tabriz, Iran.

He moved to the United States in 1947 in pursuit of higher education. He studied at the Kansas City University, majoring in journalism. Later he moved to New York, where he attended classes at Columbia University. Accepting an offer from the U.S. government, Karapents took a position with the Voice of America, Armenian Service, and then assumed the post of Chief of the Service which lasted for a quarter of a century (1954-1979). After retirement, he moved to Connecticut where he wrote weekly columns for the New Milford Times, and later settled in Watertown, Massachusetts until his untimely death in 1994.

Karapents is the author of numerous articles, essays, book reviews, and commentaries in Armenian and English which have appeared numerous Armenian periodicals, among themHairenik Daily, Armenian Review, Armenian Weekly, Nor Gyank, Bagin , and several English language dailies and weeklies published in the Eastern United States. His major works are:

  • Antsanot’ hoginer [Strange Souls] (Beirut, Lebanon: Tparan Atlas, 1970).
  • Kart’ageni dustre [Daughter of Carthage] (Beirut, Lebanon: Tparan Atlas, 1972).
  • Nor Ashkharhi hin sermnats’annere [Old Sowers of the New World] (Beirut, Lebanon: Tparan Atlas, 1975).
  • Mijnarar [Interlude] (New York: Osketar Hratarakch'akan, 1981).
  • Adami girk’e [Adam’s Book] (New York: Osketar Hratarakch'akan, 1983),
  • Amerikean shurjpar (American Rondo] (New York: Osketar Hratarakch'akan 1986).
  • Ankatar [Incomplete] (New York: Osketar Hratarakch'akan, 1987).
  • Erku ashkharh, grakan p’ordzagrut’iunner [Two World: Literary Essays] (Watertown, Massachusetts: Blue Crane Books, 1992).
  • Mi Mard u mi erkir ew ayl patmutsk'ner [A Man and a Country and Other Short Stories] (Watertown, Massachusetts: Blue Crane Books, 1994).
  • Return and Tiger (Watertown, Massachusetts: Blue Crane Books, 1994).
  • The Widening Circle and Other Early Short Stories. (Arlington, Massachusetts: Armenian Cultural Foundation, 2008).
  • Mrieiymnve [Ruminations] (Arlington, Massachusetts: Armenian Cultural Foundation, 2009).
        Works on Karapents
  • Ara Ghazarians, comp., and ed. Hakob Karapents Bibliography. (Watertown, Massachusetts: Blue Crane Books, 1999).
  • Anahid Aramuni Keshishian, Hakob Karapents Ashkharh ěnkalumě ew arvestě [Hakob Karapents: His World View and Art]. Yerevan, HH GAA "Gitut'yun" Hratarkut'yun, 1999.