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Minas Tölölyan (1913-1997)

Born in Partizak, Turkey was separated from his parents at the age of two during the deportations. Later, he was reunited with them in Constantinople at the age of seven. Received his elementary education at the St. T’argmanch’ats’ School of Ortagiugh neighborhood of Constantinople, and later the Mkhitarist Congregation of Vienna lyceum from which he graduated in 1933. He assumed various teaching and directoral positions between 1936-1960 in Bulgaria, Romania, Syria, and Lebanon. He was the director of and taught Armenian language and literature at Karen Jeppe College in Aleppo (1947-1956). In the meantime he collaborated with several Armenian periodicals: Arewelk’, Azdak, Husaber (editor, 1956), Hairenik, and Harach .

In 1960, he moved to the United States with his family, and settled in Boston, Massachusetts where for almost two decades assumed the position of the editor-in-chief of the Hairenik daily.

His major works include:

  • Nakhergank’ [Prelude]. (Sofia, 1936).
  • Mt’nolort [Milieu] (Aleppo, 1944).
  • K’erakanut’iun Arewmtahay lezui [Western Armenian Grammar], 2 vols. (1950).
  • Haykakan artasahmane ew azgayin sahmanadrut’iwne [Armenian Abroad and National Constitution]. (Beirut, 1968).
  • Dar me grakanut’iwn 1850-1980 [Century of Literature], 2 vols. (Gahire: Husaber, 1955; New York: The Prelacy of Armenian Apostolic Church, 1977).