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No. 1  Ghazarians, Ara, compl., ed. Bibliography of the Armenian Periodicals, Monographic Series, and Reference Materials. Arlington, MA: Armenian Cultural Foundation, 2000. [Out of print]


No. 2  Kalustian, Mark A. Did You Know That . . . ? Arlington, MA: Armenian Cultural Foundation, 2003. [$15]

No. 3  Mikayel Varandian, Murad of Sepastia, 2006. Translated and edited by Ara Ghazarians. [$20] 

No. 4  Heinrich Vierbücher, What the German Imperial Government Concealed from Its Subjects. Armenia 1915: Slaughter of a Civilized People at the Hands of the Turks. Edited by Ara Ghazarians with an analysis by Vahakn N. Dadrian, 2006. [$25]

No. 5  Jakob Künzler, In the Land of Blood and Tears: Experiences in Mesopotamia During the World War (1914-1918) Edited by Ara Ghazarians. Foreword by Vahakn N. Dadrian with introduction by Hans-Lukas Kieser and an extensive bibliography of works by Jakob Künzler, 2007. [$25]

No. 6  Hakob Karapents,  The Widening Circle and Other Early Short Stories, 2008. A collection of six short stories edited by Ara Ghazarians. [$15]

No. 7  Robert Mirak & Ara Ghazarians, Collections of the Armenian Cultural Foundation I: Letters & Autographs, 2007. [$10]

No. 8  Hakob Karapents, Mrieiymnve [Ruminations], 2009. A collection of sixty-one articles on Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora. Compiled and edited by Ara Ghazarians. [$25]



Platon P. Zubov, The Astrologer of Karabagh or the Establishment of the Fortress of Shushi 1752, (September 2011).


Ara Ghazarians, ed. Raffi: Kensamatenagitut’iwn [Raffi: Bio-Bibliography], (February 2012).

Foundation Papers


No. 1  Edward Alexander. The Genesis of an Armenian Literary Life.(August 2003). [$10]


No. 2  Arman Kirakossian. Armenia’s Foreign Policy and Regional Security: Recent Developments. (February 2003). [$10]

No. 3  Vroujan Froundjian. A Song of the Vulture: The Life and Work of 19th Century Writer Eghia Demirjibashian [1851-1908]. (November 2003). [$10]

No. 4  Diana A. Apcar (1869-1937): Writer, Diplomat, and Humanitarian [$10]

No. 5 Shushanik Kurghinian (1876-1927) Feminist, Iconoclast, Social Rights Advocate

No. 6 Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, Through the Wall of Fire ArmeniaIraq-Palestine From Wrath to Reconciliation


No. 7 Wolfgang Gust, Some Reflections on the German Role at The Armenian Genocide

No. 8 Christopher Lydon. Considering Armenian-ness: In Honor of Diana Der Horanessian [$10]

Also Available through ACF

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach's Through the Wall of Fire: Armenia-Iraq-Palestine: From Wrath to Reconciliation. Germany, edition fischer 2009. [$25]